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Chakra Sprays
Chakra Sprays

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~ Delightfully scented way to help balance the chakra centers
~ Aromatherapy delivered in a fine mist spray
~ Easy to use throughout the day, for meditation, yoga practice, healing treatments or to shift the energy in a room

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The Tula-Ananda Chakra Sprays are a delightfully scented way to help balance the seven chakra centers and their connection with the body, mind, emotions and spirit. These aromatherapy blend sprays are easy to use throughout the day, in a meditation or yoga practice, or during healing treatments. Tula-Ananda Chakra Sprays can be purchased separately or in a set of seven.

Chakra is a Sanskrit word which means “wheel” and here it refers to the energy centers of our body. Ayurveda describes seven main chakra centers that are located in the energy field along the midline of the body. Each chakra is a spinning vortex that is connected to and governs the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels of our being. If there is a disturbance in the movement of a chakra center, it can have an adverse effect on the involved system, organ or tissue. To help balance a chakra, vibrations which resonate at the same frequency as the energy center are utilized. Aroma, color and sound are common vibrational methods used to improve the chakra’s vitality level.


Name: Root – Muladhara

Location: Perineum Color: Red Sound: LAM

Physical Associations and Functions: Legs, feet, bones, anus, colon, prostrate, coccyx, blood, building of cells

Life Functions: Security, survival instincts, responsibility, being grounded, prosperity, tribal connection

Ingredients: Filtered Water, 100% Pure Essential Oils Vetiver, Jatamansi, Oud Musk


Name: Sacral - Svadhisthana

Location: 2” below Navel Color: Orange Sound: VAM

Physical Associations and Functions: Pelvis, hips, reproductive organs, bladder, kidneys, lower back, spleen, blood, lymph

Life Functions: Creativity, pleasure, emotions, desire, sensitivity, sexuality, intimacy, confidence, independence

Ingredients: Filtered Water, 100% Pure Essential Oils Clary Sage, Floral Musk, Patchouli


Name: Navel - Manipura

Location: 1“ above the Navel Color: Yellow Sound: RAM

Physical Associations and Functions: Liver, gallbladder, stomach, small intestines, pancreas, abdomen, digestion, assimilation

Life Functions: Will, confidence, vitality, personal power, autonomy, accomplishment, fulfillment

Ingredients: Filtered Water, 100% Pure Essential Oils Lemon, Rosemary, Clove


Name: Heart – Anahata

Location: Heart Center Color: Green Sound: YAM

Physical Associations and Functions: Heart, thymus, lungs, chest, circulation, shoulders, arms, hands

Life Functions: Unconditional love for oneself and others, compassion, forgiveness, empathy, devotion, connection, peace, balance

Ingredients: Filtered Water, 100% Pure Essential Oils Krishna Basil, Rose


Name: Throat – Vishuddha

Location: Throat Color: Blue Sound: HAM

Physical Associations and Functions: Throat, neck, thyroid, mouth, vocal chords, ears, nose, esophagus, jaw, teeth, tongue

Life Functions: Speech, truth, communication, breathing, sound, creativity and self-expression

Ingredients: Filtered Water, 100% Pure Essential Oils Blue Chamomile, Sandalwood, Lotus


Name: Brow – Ajna

Location: Third Eye Color: Indigo Sound: OM

Physical Associations and Functions: Eyes, face, nose, sinuses, cerebellum, central nervous system, hypothalamus, pituitary

Life Functions: Intuition, understanding, imagination, clarity, insight, contentment, vision, dreams, psychic power

Ingredients: Filtered Water, 100% Pure Essential Oils Wintergreen, Hyssop, Brahmi


Name: Crown – Sahasrara

Location: Top of Head Color: Violet Sound: Silence

Physical Associations and Functions: Head, brain, cerebral cortex, hair, central nervous system, pineal gland

Life Functions: Concentration, inspiration, pure awareness, non-attachment, spiritual love, unity, being “at one”, higher wisdom, selfless service, pure bliss, cosmic consciousness

Ingredients: Filtered Water, 100% Pure Essential Oils Camphor, Sage, Rose

1 fl. oz

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Chakra Sprays November 2, 2018
Reviewer: Mary Nicholas from Palm Harbor, FL United States  
Balance and,Bliss is just wonderful. All the products are pure and smell divine.

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7th chakra January 7, 2015
Reviewer: Ralston Taylor from Baltimore, MD United States  
I just love it.

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