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Mindful Repose CD
Mindful Repose CD

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~ Guided relaxation CD
~ Helps to create physical comfort and mental ease
~ Experience the "after yoga class state of bliss" at home

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Mindful Repose - To Rest Deeply Through Breath and Imagery
By Denise O'Dunn
Denise guides you in this relaxation CD designed to assist you in creating balance between physical comfort and mental ease. Experience that "after-class state of bliss" at home.

Track 1: Part 1 of this restorative program begins by creating a comfortable seated pose called Sukhasana (a Sanskrit term meaning, “a stable easy pose that you can enjoy holding”). Here you are gently directed to find your natural breath and to follow it, which is where true relaxation begins. In Part 2 you are instructed in Pranayama (the science of the breath) to practice Ujjayi (victory) Breath. Commonly called the Sounding Breath, this practice slows your breath and allows for deeper relaxation.

You may end your practice here, or continue on with Part 3 which takes you into a fully supported relaxation pose, lying on your back, called Savasana (Corpse Pose). In this pose, you are once again connected with your breath and here your awareness is led through the body where complete relaxation is found.

Track two and three offer relaxation sessions using guided imagery, which can be practiced either sitting comfortably or lying down. Each session begins with a guided relaxation, and is designed to be practiced separately. The relaxation techniques on track one will prepare you for the following guided imagery sessions.

Track 2: leads you through a full spectrum of colors, where you are encouraged to use all of your senses to explore the effects of each color.

Track 3: invites you to find a place within yourself you may call your Inner Sanctuary. Here you create an ideal environment, where you can relax deeply, connect with your higher wisdom or simply enjoy your creation.

Track 4: is the musical background of tracks 1 – 3, composed and performed by Joe Terrana