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Revitalizing Treatment Package
Revitalizing Treatment Package

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Product Code: GP-RVTP

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A traditional Ayurvedic dry massage using natural fiber gloves or a brush with sweeping strokes over your body to exfoliate your skin, enhance circulation and encourage elimination of toxins. As this stimulating treatment aids lymphatic drainage, it assists in reducing cellulite deposits and improves the oxygenation of bodily tissues. Garshana is an invigorating and energizing treatment on its own or as preparation for a massage to assist the absorption of the oils and herbs. A light Abhyanga (applying oil) follows this stimulating treatment.
1 Hour Ayurvedic Massage
A personalized massage using oils, herbs and techniques specifically designed to balance the Doshas (Vata, Pitta, Kapha – body/mind type and condition), open your Srotas (channels of circulation), support your Dhatus (bodily tissues) and activate your Nadis (energy currents.) This therapeutic treatment, offered by one therapist or two therapists working in a rhythmic synchronized manner, addresses both the physical and energetic bodies, assisting all systems in repairing and renewing themselves. Baspa Svedhana A cleansing practice in Ayurveda to aid in the elimination of toxins through the skin, stimulating the immune system and increasing metabolism. A medicated oil scalp massage is performed while you relax in a steam cabinet filled with rejuvenating essential oils.

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