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Tongue Cleaner
Tongue Cleaner

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~ Helps to eliminate oral bacteria to combat bad breath and promote general oral health
~ Enhances the sense of taste
~ Improves digestion
~ Removes ama

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Stainless Steel

Description Disclaimer

Jihva Prakshalana (tongue cleaning) is an important part the oral hygiene of dinacharya (Ayurvedic daily routine). Ayurveda explains that while you are sleeping at night, your digestive system works to detoxify itself. During this process, ama (toxic matter) is brought to the surface of your tongue, creating the coating found on your tongue first thing in the morning. Ayurveda recommends using a tongue cleaner in the morning, after brushing your teeth, to avoid reabsorbing the ama. By removing this coating, your tongue’s pores and taste buds function more efficiently. The sweeping action of the tongue cleaner gently removes the coating on your tongue and activates the salivary glands by massaging your tongue. Cleaning your tongue reduces the oral bacteria that can cause bad breath and improves digestion. Stainless Steel is good for vata, pitta or kapha and Copper is good for vata or kapha.

· Removes ama

· Improves digestion

· Reduces oral bacteria

· Enhances sense of taste

How to use your tongue cleaner:

Hold each end of the tongue cleaner with your hands and place the arch of the cleaner towards the root of your tongue. Gently pull the tongue cleaner forward to the tip of your tongue and then rinse the film off the cleaner. Repeat several times until you have covered the full surface of your tongue. Rinse your mouth with water when finished.